Monday, August 23, 2010

Crazy Exciting Life

Lately my life has been going through a bunch of crazy stuff!
First, DF just recently broke his collarbone (Ouch!!) He just had surgery last week, and is recovering.
We also just bought the plane tickets to DF's duty station so I can go to the USMC Ball in November! It still feels like forever until I leave, but I am so excited to see him. A lot has happened so far in the 2.5 months that I haven't seen him! Only about 76 days according to my countdown! Of course, I had already bought a dress, I just can't resist those sales at Macy's! I found a green dress :) which is totally different than any I have worn before.
There's also some other exciting things going on soon!
Although I have already graduated from college, I am still very excited for the first football game of the season! I can't just forget about my Bulldogs that easily! Next month is also my 22nd birthday, I can't believe it's already almost here.
And sometime soon I am supposed to go wedding dress shopping, should be super exciting! I am very ready to get this wedding planning officially started!

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