Saturday, July 31, 2010

I've been reading and kind of trolling the blog circuit here online. I also belong to a forum on the internet and it surprises me how much information people make available, myself included. Not too long ago, the big drama was an OPSEC threat. For those of you that are unaware what OPSEC refers to, please visit this:
For many people, OPSEC affects their everyday life. When reading all of the drama concerning this threat, it made me think about what I am allowing to be released into the information superhighway. Now, I know I do not post things regarding my fiance's job besides the fact that he is a Marine. That is simply too scary to allow other people to see. But, when you think about it, how often are you posting things online regarding your personal life? Like in a forum, facebook, twitter, etc. Scary right? I know being in a blog opens you up to so many different things. I guess this is just my ponderings, not so much a discussion about what is right and wrong with internet etiquette and personal sharing.

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